How much do custom artworks cost?

My artworks are priced based on project requirements, with factors including size, detail of design, and materials/colors.

Here are the current project MINIMUM* for Wall Art, Jersey Art, & Corporate Art: 

$999 USD

Payment Plans Available. 

*Minimum - this is the minimum price to commission a custom wall art project. Final price may be higher. 

For a more accurate quote, please contact me.

How heavy are the wall artworks?

My wall art is made of MDF plywood and, if larger than 24x36 inches, is supported with 1.5x1.5 in. wooden studs. With these materials and two coats of epoxy resin, the artwork weight can range from 7 to 30 pounds. All pieces are ready to hang and come with instructions for hanging heavier pieces.

How long do my artworks last?

With the use of high-pigment paint and two coats of UV-resistant resin, my paintings are made to last a lifetime and hopefully beyond!

Does my artwork come ready to hang?

Yes, all of my artwork comes with hanging hooks and can be hung immediately. Most pieces use a wire or two D-rings to mount on the wall.

Do I ship internationally?

Yes, I can ship my artworks internationally. Please note that it may incur a more expensive shipping rate. I will work with you to find the best and safest way to deliver your artwork. My artwork is produced in a fabrication studio in San Diego, California.

How long does it take to make my wall artwork?

The fabrication process usually takes about 1 month, but depending on the size and detail of the project, it can take anywhere from 1-3 months. I will provide an estimated completion time upon receiving your inquiry.

What materials do I use?

I frequently experiment with new materials and techniques, but the most common materials used in my artworks include:

  • Professional-grade acrylic paint
  • Professional-grade spray paint
  • UV-resistant epoxy resin
  • Diamond dust
  • MDF plywood
  • Archival matte, gloss, or satin finish
  • Hanging hardware/wire

How do I commission your services?

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San Diego, Calif.